Frontend Developer (React.js) – 100% Remote

Trabaja en España como Frontend Developer (React.js) – 100% Remote



Translate technical requirements into technical solutions.
Understand and create new feattures with React.js.
Work also on R&D tasks in order to find the best technical solution for your work.
Assure the delivery of the tasks with your team.
Combine your work with other teams and departments.. Podrá añadir el Currículo para esta oferta al pulsar el botón inscribirse (Debe estar conectado)


Perfil Buscado (H/M/D)

Front-end Developer with at least 2.5-3 years of experience in the same role.
1-2 years of experience with React.js.
Experience with other frameworks like Angular or Vue.js will be appreciated but not necessary.
Fluency with JavaScript or Typescript.
Interest on R&D or Data Visualisation.